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2023 summer interns at AttoKings!

We are delighted to wlecome at AttoKings our 2023 summer interns!

Tilly Seassau is a 2nd year UG Engineering student. She will work on prototyping targets for HHG. All about SolidWorks 3D CAD

Zhaoyang is a 1st UG Physics student. He will work on vortex laser beam simulator. Let's see if we can play a bit with these beams!

Ivan Arabazhiev and Bowen Zhu are 3rd and 2nd year UG Computing Sciences students. They will work under the KURF framework on Virtual Reality AttoKings Laboratory for a unique immersive experience in the our labs.

We just got our VR kit and it looks like it will be fun! 😎



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