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Vacancies (staff, PhD, interns)

PhD Studentships

We have currently PhD positions open.

2 positions in theoretical attosecond Physics are open for 2024/2025 entry.

2 position in experimental attosecond physics is open for 2024/2025 entry.

Please contact and visit

Postdoctoral Positions

  • We are open for recruiting an excellent laser engineer or a laser scientist in CPA fibre technology.

We are looking for extremely strong candidate on laser building architecture and with the will to extend her or his knowledge to applications in strong laser field-matter interaction, ultrafast control of matter and attosecond physics in condensed phase material.


The successful candidate will be in charge of developing a new fibre CPA system on a new laboratory area with advanced photonics homemade design. We will encourage successful candidate to take constructive initiatives and we will offer support on professional development.

The position is for a short term (6 months) at first and will be considered for extension on commissioning.


Candidate should demonstrate a strong record of accomplishment in laser architecture, CPA, fibre amplification, CEP locking and measurement, femtosecond pulse characterisation.

Candidate can have expertise in OPA and NOPA but his is not a requirement.

Candidate should have good communication skills, good team building approach, and commitment in delivering.

Candidate from master level and PhD will be considered providing they have enough knowledge and know how in laser science.

Candidate who have undertaken industrial internship are highly welcome as the outcome of the short term work will be considered for publications.

Successful candidate will be offered to participate to projects develop in the group that implies participation to experimental collaborations for extending their network.

For more information contact, the attosecond physics group head:

For more information on the group visit:

  • We have a forsee postdoctoral position opening in 2022.

  • We also support application to Horizon EU MSCA

The Horizon EU  Marie Curie MSCA:

Please contact

Fellowship Positions

We support application to fellowship in Attophysics through:


The Newton International Fellowship program of The Royal society:

The Univeristy Research Fellowship of The Royal Society:

The EPSCR Early Career Fellowship:

The Horizon Europe  Marie Curie MSCA:

The Dorothy Hodgkin fellowship (offers flexible working pattern due to personal circumstancies)

FOR ADVANCED CAREER RESEARCHERS (sabbatical fellowship support for professorship)

The Wolson visiting fellowship:

If you wish to apply prior contact us at:

Undergraduate Placements

Intership students are welcome to apply to our group.

if you are a KCL student, please apply to KURF and micro+ programm

if you are external to KCL, please contact us:

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