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Laser Engineering

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

We are looking for an excellent and motivated laser engineer intern to join our group ' Attosecond Physics Laboratory' at King's College London in the strand campus situated in the centre of London UK.

The intern's project is to develop and commission a new ultra-fast fibre amplified module. Upon results, the project outcome will be considered for further dissemination (publications, conferences). The intern will be encourage to take the lead of the project and take initiative to innovate. She/He/They will also be participating to academic activities in the group with experimental campaign onsite and/or on large infrastructure facility access.

The position is open now and is fully funded for 4 months. Extension will be considered upon commissioning.

Candidates should have a strong background in building (not maintaining) CPA fibre laser and ultra-fast optics.

Recruitment is open to competition to candidate with a master level or PhD in photonics.

For any further information contact PI:



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