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Nobel in AttoPhysics (and we had a surprise!)

We were thrilled by today 08/12/2023 presentation of the three Nobel Laureat in Physics 2023: Anne L'Huillier, Pierre Agostini and Ferenc Krausz.

A surprise was hidden in the presentation of Pierre Agostini, as the delay plates of his experiment were not to be find again to be donated to the Nobel Museum in Stockhom. Instead Amelle Zair ( our group head at attokings) PhD plates was donated!

Using these plates, she performed in a similar way, but only few years after Agostini discovery, a RABITT measurement of attosecond pulses train she generated for the first time at CELIA (laboratory where she undertook her PhD, Bordeaux France).

So next time you go to the Nobel Museum in Stokholm, see the exhibition on Attosecond Physics! and embrace with the amazing physics we are so excited about!

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