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Margarita Khokhlova

Margarita obtained her PhD in Moscow State University and has worked at Imperial College as a Royal Society Newton International Fellow and at the Max Born Institute in Berlin as a Humboldt Research Fellow. She joined AttoKings in October 2023 as a Royal Society University Research Fellow.

Initially, Margarita's research was focused on the generation of brighter and shorter attosecond pulses through high-harmonic generation (HHG) and particularly through resonant HHG. Later on, she expanded into the study of ultrafast dynamics, which can be both initiated and measured by attosecond pulses. Her current research continues to advance the generation of attosecond light pulses and their optimisation via propagation effects, and she also focuses on the ultrafast electron dynamics initiated by attosecond pulses in atoms, molecules and solids, including chiral molecules and topological solids.

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Margarita Khokhlova
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